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Financial stress can be a huge problem If you've had to use a debt settlement letter or two or if you are in the process of dealing with an aggressive collections agency, then it is likely that things are not going that well. Stress levels are probably through the roof as financial stress is usually considered to be the worst stressor of all.

Collections agencies can be ruthless in how they try to get you to pay up.  I once knew someone with debt problems and the collections agency had her number on speed dial.

The agent would make daily calls and either pretend to be her best friend in order to get information out of her or else the calls would be abusive and cruel and use the information against her. It was usually the same agent, but occasionally, someone else would call and the whole thing would begin again.  This went on for years and she was powerless to change it because she didn't know her rights and she had neither the money to pay the debt nor the knowledge to come up with a way to change her situation and find the money.

The mail was also cruel to her.  The average collections letter she received was rude and intimidating.  This poor woman spent much time in tears and she was in very bad shape from a health perspective.

The vicious cycle of her life was very sad to see.  Her finances were a mess, her marriage was a mess, and her health was a disaster.  Her only saving grace was a reasonable housing arrangement for herself and her three kids and a very supportive family.

Thankfully, because of her support systems, she was able to provide a reasonable level of care for her children.  This woman also had an indomitable will, which served her very well.

Others are not quite so lucky.  The stress that they feel as a result of their financial mess often leads to addictions, which, of course, only makes a financial problem even worse.

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But, there is another choice.  Solving a financial wellness challenge is like solving any other problem.  It takes increasing your knowledge and your awareness and it takes learning some new skills. With the right blend of wellness tools, anyone can solve any problem, no matter how low the starting point.  So if you get a debt settlement letter or collections letter in the mail, don't freak out because there are lots of options open to you.

Get started by taking a look at these sample debt settlement letters. They can really get you on the right track to solving your financial stress.

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