Exercise Reduces Stress
So Let's All Get Sweaty More Often.

How Exercise Reduces Stress

Did you know that exercise reduces stress? We all know the body functions in very intricate ways. The human body is an amazing thing, about which scientists and doctors learn more everyday. There are all kinds of systems throughout the body and each system is carefully balanced to do a particular job.

The Endocrine System in the human body is one of those very carefully designed systems that keeps the body balanced and functioning well. The Endocrine System is what controls the hormones in the body as well as many different neurotransmitters and body chemicals, and like most bodily systems, the Endocrine System is made up of many checks and balances. When the body functions well, these checks and balances cancel each other out in a smooth way.

When it comes to stress, for example, the body produces Adrenaline and Cortisol to help us prepare to deal with threatening situations. But, if the stressful situation is only mental stress then the body doesn't have the chance to burn off the excess Cortisol, produced when the HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal) fires up to help you deal with the stress. A buildup of excess, unused cortisol can make the body very sick over time.

In a physically stressful situation, such as when a person is in physical danger, the body produces extra hormones, like Cortisol, to help deal with the demanding situation, but then the body gets a chance to burn up those hormones because of the physical exertion of energy that is needed to respond to the challenge.

Another way that exercise helps reduce stress is through the production of another brain chemical called Endorphins, which make a person feel very happy and at peace. The happier we feel, the less stressed we feel, so make sure you get out and do something physical every day to help keep stress at bay. Exercise is nature's most potent anti-depressant.

And don’t forget about BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This product of the body helps with memory and gives you clarity so you can concentrate better.

Exercise reduces stress by creating Nitric Oxide, which has to be my favorite of the tools produced by the body to fight stress and disease. Nitric Oxide or NO works wonders because it can actually cause the Endothelium inside your arteries (the lining) to release natural medicines so your body can heal itself. Think of it like your own internal, self-regulated pharmacy.

Exercise reduces stress by creating friction in your bloodstream, causing the plaque inside your arteries to be scraped away just like a toothbrush scrapes away the plaque on your teeth.

Given how many benefits we get from exercise, it is amazing how many of us neglect it. It’s definitely time to get off the couch. There is no question that exercise reduces stress, all kinds of stress, so get sweaty to stress less today.

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