Genealogy Forms Will Get You Started on Knowing the Past, but Exploration of Family Traditions Will Take You Much Further in Terms of Stress Management

Genealogy forms and surveys are usually intended to gather key information that would allow you to search out your family tree. Ours is different. Our survey is intended to help you explore left over attitudes and beliefs from past family history that have the potential to cause a fair amount of stress in your life. This genealogy form is intended to help you explore family history, culture, traditions and lineage, but it also aims to explore how you feel about all of it.

Ancestral Wellness Inventory

Taking Stock of the Past with a Unique
Interpretation of Genealogy Forms

Normally, genealogy forms do not need to be very private in nature, since they only serve to explore a person's family tree, but this version should be held in confidence.  You are the only one who needs to see your work.  This will allow you to be very honest in your exploration.

To begin, generate a basic overview of your family history, such as the following examples.

A possible ancestral scenario:

  • I am US born, but of Irish descent
  • I am Catholic or Protestant
  • We were very poor traditionally
  • We immigrated 110 years ago
  • We lived in the city or on a farm

 Another possible ancestral scenario:

  • I am US Born, but of Polish descent
  • I am Jewish
  • My family escaped from Nazi Germany in the 30's
  • I grew up in the Midwest in a suburban community

There are countless other scenarios that may be possible, of course, and once you have explored your personal ancestral scenario using all the standard genealogy forms and methods, it's time to ask a few questions about that scenario. In doing so, you may be able to uncover some repressed emotion that may be leading to various destructive coping mechanisms.

Questions for Ancestral Wellness Inventory

  1. What are the traditions in your family that you think are excellent and wholeheartedly support?
  2. What are the traditions in your family history that you feel are destructive or tedious?
  3. What have you passed on to your children or what will you pass on to your children, in terms of culture and tradition?
  4. Is there something about your family history that has never made sense to you?
  5. Is there someone in your ancestry who is famous for something good?
  6. Is there someone in your past who is famous for something bad?
  7. What are the rules that you must live by as dictated by your family tree?
  8. Who is the matriarch or patriarch that everyone tries to emulate in your family?  Is it for the right reasons or just because it has always been done that way?
  9. Who is the black sheep that everyone tries to avoid?  What did that person do wrong?
  10. What sins of the past is your family still paying for?
  11. Is there something about your cultural group that stays in place as expectations today?
  12. What stereotypes are you expected to live by because of your background?
  13. What are the values and beliefs that you live by, that you have always lived by, that seem to be related to your family history?
  14. What are the problems with those unwritten rules, values and beliefs, as they apply to your life today?
  15. What would have to happen for you to evaluate which of those values and beliefs need to be modified or adapted to fit your current life.

As you can see, this has not been one of the more traditional genealogy forms, but it is our hope that these questions and others that may occur to you will go far in helping you to solve any ancestral wellness challenges that are causing you a lot of stress.

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