Have You Done a Health Survey Lately?
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Not Your Typical Health Surveys

Most of the time, a health survey is a series of 10-20 questions that are scored at the end using a simple scoring method and you don't really find out anything you didn't already know.

You might get some information about your weight, blood pressure or body mass index; and you might even find out some more detailed medical information, but so what?!? This kind of information is only useful if you can do something about it.

The focus here is more on education and empowerment. We ask questions that can help you look at your behaviors and attitudes so you can decide how to better manage stress and wellness in your life.

Health Survey or Wellness Inventory List

Unique Wellness Inventories
A Foundation for Understanding Stress Better

A health assessment should form a foundation from which people can build a health and wellness plan for themselves. It's not enough to just have a vague idea about your health. Simple health surveys do not contain some kind of magic cure.

If you are going to take the time to complete a personal health assessment, you want to make sure that you will be able to use the information to positively impact your health and wellness situation.

But, even if you do manage to find a thorough health questionnaire, the reality is that just understanding your health through a health assessment survey doesn't even come close to giving you enough information to begin a process of understanding your current state of wellness.

And if understanding the here and now isn't hard enough, I have yet to see a health questionnaire that resembles a crystal ball that can predict the future. It is our behaviors and attitudes today that lay the foundation for our wellness in the future. If you don't have a clear understanding of your behaviors and attitudes today, you can forget about achieving and maintaining wellness in the future.

Most of the time inventories or questionnaires will suggest that we make changes of some kind, but how the heck do you do that? Good health equals good stress management. If you don't have a very strong approach to stress management in every area of your life, then a health survey will be a complete waste of time.

They say that information is power but it has to be the right kind of information. If you want to achieve and maintain health and wellness, then the survey you take should tell you about yourself and your approach to stress management and problem solving.

By understanding more about yourself, you will be able to begin a journey of achieving true health and wellness.

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