How to Cope with Stress
Thinking of Solutions Outside the Box

Having a Variety of Stress Management Ideas
 in Key in Knowing How to Cope with Stress

There are as many different ways to learn how to cope with stress as there are stars in the sky.  You just need to think outside the box.

How are your decision making skills?  Are you a control freak going way overboard trying to live a life of perfect wellness?  Or maybe, you are the exact opposite of that, doing absolutely nothing, because it would just take too much effort.  Maybe, you try to do your best, doing a few things here and there, but you really don't get very far.

You would like to get better results, but you don't have a lot of money and you are very busy so you don't have much time to invest in learning how to cope with stress. You get along as best you can, but it isn't easy. You go back and forth between days when you feel in control and days when you think that drugs for anxiety are the only answer to staying sane. Some consistency would be great.

You would like help, but who has time to read books and who has the money to pay for counseling?  If only you could talk to others who have the same problems.  You need answers and you need them fast.  You, like most people you know, have so many problems, so many wellness challenges, and you feel stretched to the limit.  You just feel like crying.

Maybe the ideas on this page about how to cope with stress will help you with the challenges you face.

  1. Develop good systems to deal with the daily grind
  2. Avoid stress by joining the social media revolution
  3. Try laugh therapy and laugh till your sides hurt
  4. Do some volunteer work to increase good stress hormones
  5. Get a pet or get to know your own pet better
  6. Get a better handle on the basic rules of problem solving.
  7. Deal with the biggest challenges first
  8. Check in with your thoughts.  No self-saboteurs allowed
  9. Try Journey to Wild Divine - computer-assisted meditation
  10. Design a new wellness plan for yourself
  11. Get crazy with crayons. Explore stress with mind mapping
  12. Find a low stress job with good salary & growth options.
  13. Build your self-esteem with inspirational videos.
  14. Build a toolbox of stress management tools
  15. Get out to the garden and try horticultural therapy.
  16. Ten simple tips for stress relief.
  17. 65 Ideas to Add Laughter to Your Life.
  18. 101 Simple Stress Management Tips.
  19. How To Handle Stress with the Barefoot Executive.
  20. Beat Stress by Learning to Play a Musical Instrument.

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