A Job Satisfaction Survey
Doesn't Go Far Enough...

It Used to Take 2 to Tango,
but in the Workplace,
It Takes the Whole Team to Tango!

Usually, a job satisfaction survey will discuss whether or not you enjoy your job and the company where you work. The basic function of one of these surveys is to find out how well the employer is doing.

Unfortunately, it's not usually the company that is the biggest problem in terms of job satisfaction, it's our relationships with our co-workers. It would be easy to say that your co-workers are the problem but collegial wellness is a two-way street. Everyone, ourselves included, must be aware of the role we play in making the workplace livable and even enjoyable. The job satisfaction survey is only the first step.

The following are not your every day average questions you might find on a job satisfaction survey, but they are intended to help you to explore your attitudes to common issues that arise in the workplace. These issues all have the potential to make work much more stressful.

Job Satisfaction Survey Questions

  1. Borrowing: Do you borrow equipment from co-workers all the time and not return it?
  2. Boundaries and authority: Do you respect authority or do you constantly rock the boat and overstep boundaries?
  3. Bragging: Do you brag about your promotion, salary, kids, financial success, education, or anything else?
  4. Cell phones: Are you respectful with your cell phone while at work?
  5. Change engineering: Are you helpful in creating positive change in the work environment – part of the solution, not the problem?
  6. Children at work: If you bring your kids to work because of an emergency, do you make sure they are not disruptive?
  7. Conflict resolution: What is your approach to solving conflict or communication breakdowns at work?
  8. Credit: Do you ensure that credit for a job well done is shared with all the people who deserve to be credited?
  9. Deadlines: When co-workers face tight deadlines, do you lend a hand if you can?
  10. Dirty Jokes: When you hear a dirty or otherwise offensive joke at work, how do you handle it?
  11. Equipment usage: Do you ensure you are not hogging a particular piece of equipment that others need as well?
  12. Job changes: When you start a new job, do you work hard to get to know your new co-workers?
  13. Micro-management: Do you meddle in the affairs of your co-workers or do you let your boss do the supervising?
  14. Mistakes: How do you handle taking responsibility for mistakes?
  15. Office lunchroom: Are you respectful in your use of the office lunchroom (refrigerator, microwave, dishes in the sink, etc.)?
  16. Office romance: Are you respectful of co-workers’ comfort level and discreet if you are involved in an office romance?
  17. Perfume and cologne: Do you ensure your perfumes and colognes are not bothering co-workers?
  18. Personal fundraising: Do you bring chocolates, cookies, and catalogues to work and bother people in your attempts to raise money for your kids or a local charity?
  19. Religion and politics: Do you respect boundaries of co-workers regarding religious views and political views?
  20. Rumours and cliques: Do you spread rumours or participate in cliques at work?
  21. Spam: Do you forward spam to co-workers?
  22. Supplies management: Do you borrow supplies from co-workers, rather than making sure your own workplace is stocked?
  23. Therapy: Do you go overboard in using your coworkers as your personal therapist?
  24. Viruses: Do you stay home if you know that you or a member of your family is very contagious with a virus or bacteria of some kind?
  25. Work on work time: Do you save personal work for after-work time?

It will take far more than a clever job satisfaction survey to make the workplace all that it can be. But it is worth it to find that happy medium since we often spend more time at work that we do at home.

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