The LEAN Program by Dr. Bill Sears
Four Key Factors in Better Stress Management  for Kids

Have you heard of Dr. Bill Sears' LEAN program? Dr. Sears says, "Creating a healthier community begins with having practical tools and information that make implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle simple."

To that end, he created the L.E.A.N. Program, which stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. He hits the mark in creating a program to teach families and communities how to incorporate these four critical components in their lives. Each one of these four concepts is very important to reducing both emotional stress and oxidative stress.

Lifestyle involves all the choices we make. It covers our habits and our stress level and the decisions we make day to day that lead to poor health.

Exercise is, of course, critical to every aspect of our being, from the endorphins released by the body when we exercise, which help to make us feel happy, to the fact that exercise helps us to be more sensitive to our own insulin, which helps prevent obesity and Diabetes.

Attitude is the cornerstone of good health. Dr. Gabor Mate tells us that repressed emotion is a key factor in the development of chronic degenerative disease.

Nutrition, of course makes all the difference to good health, given that many experts believe that more that 60% of all chronic degenerative disease is directly caused by the food we eat.

So the completeness of the LEAN Program could very well help to manage all of the factors that lead to crazy levels of both emotional stress and oxidative stress in children and teens. Through this program, kids really can get healthy for life. With Dr. Sears help, families can make better healthy lifestyle choices and stop living those unhealthy lifestyles that have lead to the obesity and Diabetes epidemic of today.

How the LEAN Program Works

The LEAN Program works through synergy. If you put a group of nutrients together in a well-balanced meal, and the body absorbs the nutrients better than it would if the same vitamins and minerals were isolated in a vitamin pill. Think-tanks put a group of people together in a room, each one with a different field of expertise, and they feed off one another, developing ideas together that none of them could have thought of alone. This is why the LEAN program works. When you put all the four components together, each individual one works better.

The LEAN Program: a Positive Program

There are more “shoulds” than “should nots” in the LEAN Program, and the results last, unlike other diet and fitness programs that promise quick results but don’t deliver in the long run. Children and families will feel fit; a three-letter word that economically describes what healthy living is all about. Individuals not only fit better into their clothing, but also with their family, school or job. Get on the LEAN program before you get sick; and use this rejuvenating program to not only prevent illness, but to simply feel great!


The LEAN Program means living healthy without smoking, excessive alcohol, or other unhealthy substances. The “L” in lifestyle could also stand for “love” and “laughter.” If there are not enough of these two “L’s” in your job, relationships, habits, or activities, some changes are needed. For some people, change is difficult, since the body and the mind often resist change, but remind yourself we’re talking about change for the better, not for the worse.


One of the healthiest ways to stay lean is to exercise. The more muscle you have, the more fat calories you can burn. If you wanna lose it, you gotta move it. The key to getting and staying lean is to set your fatpoint to fat-burn rather than fat-store. How? By eating right and exercising more. Also, Regular, moderate exercise increases the white cell count, improving the body’s ability to fight off infection. Lastly, exercise is not only good for the body; it’s great for the brain. The brain is an oxygen hog, which is why it takes 25 percent of the blood that the heart pumps (more in children). Exercise delivers more oxygen to the brain and helps all tissue, especially brain tissue, use oxygen more efficiently, which translates into better thinking.


Trim the fat in your feelings by keeping your mind off counterproductive stuff. The attitude part of the LEAN program is about using your mind to help you get a lean body. You can’t just think fat away, but there are fascinating ways your mind can affect your body – for better or for worse. Stress gets in the way of good health. Your body can’t reap all the benefits of nutrition and exercise if it’s overstressed. And stress can get in the way of eating right and getting enough exercise.


Emphasize a low-fat diet. Instead of a diet, let’s call it a change in eating style, meaning that you are focusing more on eating well rather than on eating less. To stay lean you have to do one of two things: eat more and burn more fat or eat less and exercise less. You can’t have it both ways. You are likely to feel more full after eating a fiber-filled plant food than after a meal featuring meat. Fiber gives you a feeling of fullness sooner for fewer calories, a good nutritional strategy for staying lean. So, if you are trying to lose weight or lower the amount of fat in your diet, first fill up on high-fiber, low-fat salad-bar fixings. You’ll eat less of the main.

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