Stress Management Techniques:
The Best of the Best!

Need Some Really Effective
Stress Management Techniques?

In modern times, we all need the most amazing stress management techniques available to help us cope.

I’m sure you keep up to date on all the horrors in the media about stress and disease and I’m sure you’ve seen all the terrifying statistics:

  • 133 million Americans have at least one chronic disease.
  • Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S.
  • By 2025, chronic diseases will affect an estimated 164 million Americans.

So what’s a person to do? How can you protect yourself and your family from chronic disease? What if you already have one or more chronic diseases?

It may seem simple to say, but you can get STRESS under control… that’s what you can do! Adding some really powerful stress management techniques to your tool box will go far in helping you combat chronic disease.

Dr. Norm Sealy, a famous pain and stress specialist, says,

  • “The intersection of the 4 main fields of stress—physical, chemical, emotional and electro-magnetic—is the cause of all illness…not some…ALL!

That’s right…you must take hold of ALL the stressors in your life and kick them to the curb. You must stand up to your own opinions, beliefs and habits that are stopping you from achieving this goal.

To help you get started, I created a FREE Resource Guide called "Jill's Top 5 Tools for Conquering Stress 4 Life." I use these tools in my own life with excellent results for myself and my family and I hope you will do the same.

My Passion for Helping You Take Back
Control of Your Health and Your Life.

The reason I am so passionate about ending stress and disease is that I spent many years suffering from multiple chronic diseases. My entire life changed once I began to learn about stress and once I learned these effective stress management techniques. Now, I’m a Certified Health Coach and I desperately want to share what I've learned with you so you can get back in the driver's seat of your life, too.

If you want some great resources and ideas for helping your kids grow up to be healthy, happy, self-motivated and successful as well, then check out my blog, Kids Conquering Stress 4 Life.

I firmly believe that in order for children to achieve these goals, parents must pay attention to how the various stress hormones are created in the body. We spend so much of our lives drowning in Adrenaline and Cortisol, which are needed, but only in small doses and in few situations, and we don't get near enough of the really beneficial hormones, brain chemicals and neurotransmitters such as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphins, Seratonin, Norepinephrine and BDNF.

In many cases, our children are suffering from full on Adrenal Fatigue before they even reach adulthood. With this level of imbalance, achieving quality of life is almost impossible.

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