12 Fun Stress Reducers, Dr. Seuss Style

Stress and disease are tightly linked. Everyone needs access to as many stress reducers as they can get. Different organizations have slightly different numbers from various surveys, but one recent survey reported that 54% of Americans are worried about stress and another source has indicated that 75% of people have one chronic degenerative disease and 50% of people have two or more chronic degenerative diseases.

So what’s a person to do.  Many of us don't have a strong toolbox of stress reducers to help us manage this serious challenge.

While it is critically important to build much more complex stress reducers into your long-term wellness plan by making with dramatic changes to your more destructive lifestyle choices, your exercise plan, your attitudes and your food intake; it is also critically important to use as many simple stress reducers as possible in the short-term to turn down the temperature on stress on a day to day basis.

Below is a list of 12 strong stress reducers presented in a poem to help you get a great start.

A Poem with 12 Stress Reducers
to Help You Get Through Your Day

In our stressed, crazy lives at the start of the day

We feel rushed and burnt out and we live hard this way

Add a simple routine to your morning event

Give a little more time, to your list make a dent.


When you’re stressed and get busy, you tend to forget

All the tasks you must do, on your mem’ry you bet

When your schedule is tight, you can feel oh so bad

A planner can lessen the load just a tad.


When we do things like lie and have tall tales to tell

Then our stress rises up like a bat out of hell

It is better to walk on a straight, narrow path

Being truthful can make you feel calm with no wrath.


You know losing your keys can cause much of your stress

When this happens it feels as though life is a test

It is best to have copies stored out in the yard

And have one in your wallet or you won’t get far


And when line ups are long, a good book fills the void

And a magazine helps you to not get annoyed

It is good to prepare for long waits in your day

Cause then stress will not make all your nerves feel so frayed


And in life you may need a contingency plan

You can feel like your life’s in a big garbage can

When life falls off the track or perhaps you’re delayed

Then a good plan will help you from being dismayed.


Saying no is the key to a life low in stress

People ask all the time and we just acquiesce

So to stop giving in, it is bound’ries we set

And we’re clear than we mean it so then we don’t fret


If you turn off your phone, so much stress you can stop

In this way you don’t feel like a fast spinning top

It can take so much effort to calm down your brain

With no phone, you won't feel like a runaway train


Your sleep is a gift, so don’t squander it so

You must get all 8 hours, or your health takes a blow

When you don’t sleep enough, it makes such a huge mess

Soon disease will take hold, for your health you’ll obsess


Each day you must choose to do what you enjoy

When you do what you love all your stress you destroy

Don’t get all bogged down under mountains of work

This will make you start acting just like a big jerk


Discussing your problems can take out the sting

When life feels too hard living on a shoestring

You can share all your woes with the people you love

And to all of your stress you can give a big shove.


Flexibility reigns as the key to end stress

You must open your mind and work hard to say yes

Getting stuck in your ways brings you nothing but pain

When you learn to adapt you have so much to gain.

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