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List of 10 Stress Busters
Describing Weak Stress Managers

Need some stress busters to lighten your day? Here are 10 very weak stress management styles for your consideration. Hopefully, none of these reflect your stress management style.

Quitter Stress Managers

  • Don't follow through or give up way too quickly.

Impending Doom Stress Managers

  • Blow things way out of proportion.

Lovers and Dreamers Stress Managers

  • Spend time saying “if only” or “I wish”, but never get started.

Scarlet O'Hara Stress Managers

  • I won’t think about that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow, they procrastinate endlessly.

Riding the Clutch Stress Managers

  • Make things complicated, get bogged down in details, get caught up with semantics, stop and start all the time.

Super Hero Stress Managers

  • Ride in a white horse with banners waving to solve others stress, but never solve his or

Sigmund Freud Stress Managers

  • Get lost in the process and in people’s feelings. Never get off the couch to make any progress.

Operation N.O.W. Stress Managers

  • Want to do it, do it, do it. NOWWWWW!!!

My Way or the Highway Stress Managers

  • No flexibility or adaptability. Will not accept any advice. They already know everything.

Queen of Denial Stress Managers

  • What do you mean? I don’t have any stress. What stress? I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

More Stress Busters For You
10 More Weak Stress Management Styles

Wine and Cheese Stress Managers

  • Spend all their time whining about their stress, but never do anything about it.

Ping Pong Ball Stress Managers

  • No focus, all over the map, too many things on the go, so never get any finished.

Fire Starter Stress Managers

  • They spend all their time creating stress and so never get around to managing any of it.

Hypochondriac Stress Managers

  • Has a mountain of stress, from every source imaginable. Everything is stressful including relaxing activities like meditation or attending a spa. Never starts to manage any of it.

Smokey the Bear Stress Managers

  • Run around putting out small fires, never make any progress in managing big stress.

Holier Than Thou Stress Managers

  • Believe their stress is far more serious than any others' trifling stress.

Jack of All Trades Stress Managers

  • Can manage others' stress, but never gets around to managing own stress.

Scatter Brain Stress Managers

  • They can’t decide where to begin, so they flit around from stressor to stressor making little, if any, progress.

Hermit on the Hill Stress Managers

  • Keep all stressors secret. Keep everything bottled up inside and never ask for any help ever.

Go Tell It on the Mountain Stress Managers

  • Proclaim and announce their stress to the whole world. They ask for advice from everyone and make a good show but they never put the advice to any good use.

All in all, there are lots of stress busters out there, but in the end it often comes down to style. If your stress management style resembles any of the styles listed above, you may need to make some changes before you can get good at stress management and achieve the stress relief you want in your life.

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