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Sweet & Simple Stress Relief Tips
It's All About Balance

None of us have to be victimized by stress. There are many advanced stress relief tips, presented throughout this website, but sometimes it's the simple things that can make the most difference.

Yes, it's true, the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Sweet & Simple) theory applies to stress control as well. Try some of these simple strategies and make the choice to live stress-free.

  1. SMILE — when we smile, our face muscles relax and it immediately sends a signal to our brain and makes us happy. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Just fake it till you make it! There are no stress relief methods easier than this one.
  2. MEDITATE/PRAY — Meditation and prayer help calm down nerves and helps you connect with your true nature. This helps you to stay grounded. This is one of the most powerful stress relief tips when used regularly.
  3. EXERCISE — Exercising draws out the blood and energy from the brain and brings it to the body and legs. This relaxes the brain and energizes the body. As a result, you feel good. You will also create nitric oxide in your body which assists your body to heal itself from stress-related free radical damage known as oxidative stress.
  4. BE GRATEFUL — the more you focus on things you don’t have, the more stressed you’ll be. Just change your focus to things, for which you are grateful, and see the difference! Try to think through a list of at least 20 things, for which you are thankful.
  5. EAT HEALTHY — Junk foods, such as refined sugar, white flour, white rice, white pasta, and food from white potatoes drain off vital nutrients from our body and sap our energy. Eat more veggies, fruits and fresh, whole food. Try to avoid mixing food groups in the same meal. For example, never eat starch and proteins together, like spaghetti and meat sauce. When you mix starches and protein, it takes up to 13 hours to digest the food as opposed to 4-6 hours when they are eaten in separate meals. This process causes incredible physical stress on the body.
  6. DISTRACT YOURSELF — Simple distractions like getting involved in the game or some fun activity can work wonders. It is amazing how easy it is to distract yourself from your stress. If you also choose something that makes you laugh, you will benefit from the healing power of laughter as well.
  7. BREATHE RIGHT — Make a point to take slow, deep breaths whenever you are stressed. You’ll feel the difference in minutes. Practice box breathing – in for count of four, hold for count of four, out for count of four, hold for count of four. Draw a box in your mind while you do this.
  8. CORRECT POSTURE — One of the simplest of the stress relief tips is to just stand up straight. Stressed people usually have a curved spine. As a result, your lungs cannot expand fully and they work as much as 30% below their capacity. The result is less synergy and more fatigue. Keep your spine straight and relaxed.
  9. GET A MASSAGE — Massage can be one of the most enjoyable of these stress relief tips. Getting a weekly oil massage can work wonders in releasing stress and improving your well-being. It is so helpful to use massage to help release repressed emotion to prevent the creation of free radicals in the body. At first, you may experience a little pain as the knots in your muscles find release, but if you keep at it, it will be a wonderful, regular experience in your life.
  10. SPEND TIME WITH HAPPY PEOPLE — Laughter and stress are both contagious. Just like happy people make you happy, stressed and depressed people make you more stressed and depressed. Spend your life laughing with happy people and stress will not be able to reach you. This is also one of the easiest stress relief tips to implement, so go for it.

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