5 Ways to Reduce Stress,
Free Radical Production & Chronic Degenerative Disease

Learning all the ways to reduce stress is all the rage these days. Everywhere you turn, there are resources and advice describing all the different stress management tips and techniques. Most of these resources discuss emotional stress.

While constant emotional stress is definitely bad, it is not the biggest problem alone. Rather it is an element of a bigger problem - Oxidative Stress. The following list of 5 ways to reduce stress goes into great detail describing how you can get back control of your health and your life. Read through the program to find out how stress is destroying your life and what you can do about it.

Best Ways to Reduce Stress and Achieve Wellness
A 5-Step Powerful Program

1 of 5 Ways to Reduce Stress: INITIATING WELLNESS

The first step may seem simple, but it’s amazing how many people never take the first step to initiating wellness. This step is not at all like a New Year’s Resolution, but it is like making a personal commitment to yourself to choose wellness. It is all about being clear and definitive instead of wishy-washy and weak-willed. The first step is to just decide you've had enough of stress and illness.

2 of 5 Ways to Reduce Stress: DEVELOPING A WELLNESS VISION

Once you have made a decision to tackle the problem of dealing with stress, free radicals, oxidative stress and chronic degenerative disease in your life, you have to start to develop a vision of what this effort will encompass. What does wellness look like for you? How will you think, feel, look and behave once you have achieved wellness in your life. It’s time for some real imaging. You want to develop a picture in your mind of what wellness will look like when you are done.

3 of 5 Ways to Reduce Stress: THE WELLNESS CHARTER

Write a WELLNESS CHARTER. That’s right, put it in writing or use some visual arts. Write a story or a make a vision board. Cut some pictures out of a magazine or print some images from Google. Consider all the aspects of wellness, not just something physical like getting skinny. When you write a wellness charter, you give yourself permission to solve the problem for real. You put your full authority behind yourself to achieve your wellness goals. It may take years, but the effort will never go anywhere without your backing.

4 of 5 Ways to Reduce Stress: COMING TO TERMS WITH "WHY?"

Now you have to write why you are doing this. How will your life change if you do it and how will the lives of the people you care about change if you achieve total wellness? Often times, achieving wellness means confronting some destructive habits, attitudes and behaviors, so there has to be a compelling reason to do it or many compelling reasons. By coming to terms with how the people around you will be affected, it may motivate you to make the changes rather than give up at the first sign of trouble. You have to figure out what kind of result you want to produce, how it connects with your life and why it is important to you.

5 of 5 Way to Reduce Stress: WHAT ARE THE REWARDS?

To achieve big, difficult goals, you must give yourself rewards and lots of them all along the pathway or journey to the goal as well as at the end when the goal is finally achieved. You have to employ the Dopamine reward centers in your brain, which gives you a kind of natural cocaine when you do pleasing things for yourself. Don’t worry, it’s safe, unless you are exploiting it in the use of a destructive and addictive behavior. When you generate the rewards list for your wellness efforts, make sure they are plentiful, accessible, achievable and within your budget. Give rewards to yourself often and make them truly match the level of achievement, whatever it may be. Don't create a model where you have wait for the reward until some future date. If you want to do that, have two rewards (one now and one in the future).

If you follow these five steps and truly invest in your wellness efforts, then you will very likely achieve your goals. Good luck!

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