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One way to get some serious anger management therapy is to try destruction therapy, also known as "DESTRUCTOTHERAPY."

This is a relatively new stress management strategy that recently made appearances in Soria, Murcia, and Bilbao, Spain. The firm Stop Stress started this therapy. In the therapy, the "patients" are equipped with powerful hammers, helmets, safety goggles, and a set of clothes. During two hours heavy metal music is played while the "patients" destroy whatever they can find, computers, mobile phones, cars etc. in a junkyard.

The website claims that the activity is not violent but anti-violent. Thus the very basis of this therapeutic process is the thought that the release of particular emotions and/or thoughts will actually prevent the use of them in a negative manner. If this process had not been developed, the probability that those suffering from high levels of stress would cause personal or property damage has not been investigated and remains undetermined.

Destructotherapy is featured in the Delocated episode "Rage Cage", wherein Jon opens a destructotherapy storefront by that name.

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Learn more about destructo-therapy. You never know when it might come in handy.

Destructo-Therapy Promises Peace by Sledgehammer

It sounds like a good, safe way to take out some aggression — get a bunch of people together to beat the heck out of cars, appliances and other household items.

But is it therapy?

A group of Spaniards say, yes. Their anger management therapy or "destruction therapy" sessions have become popular for folks looking to leave their workday inhibitions behind, and the latest event, held Saturday in the northern Spain town of Castejon, marked the first time the aggression session was open to the general public, according to Reuters.

Destruction Therapy, or Destructotherapy, was founded in 2003 by three Spanish entrepreneurs who wanted to offer a way to relieve participants' pent-up rage at office life — in an outdoor, supervised setting — according to a profile in Sterling Magazine.

The "patients" pay for the chance to choose from a variety of tools, which they then use to whack the crap out of objects gathered from junkyards and other sources, according to Sterling Magazine, which reported that the sessions typically last about an hour. About 40 percent of participants are women, the magazine said.

Whether such activities have any long-term therapeutic value in terms of anger management therapy or stress management therapy is debatable, but participants seem to have fun in the process. A video of one Destruction Therapy session from 2005 shows a clan of destructionists gleefully wielding their sledgehammers against junked cars while a rock band plays on the periphery.

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