The Chocolate Facts Are Not What They Seem To Be

The Chocolate Facts Prove Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

Don't get the blues about the chocolate facts of life.  Until now, the picture, as it pertains to eating chocolate, has been very bleak indeed, but now, a new day is dawning and it turns out that chocolate can be healthy.  In fact, it is very healthy.

However, not just any chocolate is healthy.  It has to have mostly high-quality, cocoa powder, no fillers, healthy additives and it has to be processed very carefully. If the chocolate you eat is made in this way, then you can gain many health benefits from eating chocolate.

Chocolate Facts about Weight Loss

Numerous studies show that raw, non-alkalized cocoa high in natural cocoa nutrients and devoid of processed sugars, hydrogenated fats/oils and other artificial fillers can provide the body with a powerful weight control tool. Chocolate can promote weight loss in many useful ways, including by optimizing nutrition, balancing blood sugar levels, normalizing appetite, increasing fiber intake to improve colon health, boosting Endorphin levels to produce feelings of joy and euphoria, increasing Serotonin levels (the respect hormone), relieving inflammation, delivering theobromine (a natural energy booster) and reducing cravings for unhealthy food

Chocolate Facts about Heart Health

Dark chocolate is also good for heart health. It boosts heart function by improving circulation, reducing blood pressure, reducing oxidized LDL cholesterol levels, decreasing platelet clumping, enhancing cell signaling, reducing inflammation, increasing Nitric Oxide production, enhancing Nitric Oxide activity, relaxing blood vessel walls, reducing clotting and reducing oxidative stress.

Chocolate Facts about Diabetes

And then there's Diabetes.  Very good quality, dark chocolate can work wonders for Diabetes patients because it lowers blood sugar levels, improves utilization of insulin, protects cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, lowers overall blood fat levels, reduces inflammation, contains antioxidants, contains antibacterial and antiviral properties, contains anticancer properties, promotes vaso-relaxation of blood vessels and reduces oxidative stress.

Chocolate Facts about the Brain

  • Dark chocolate is also wonderful for brain health. Dark chocolate increases endorphin levels to reduce pain sensitivity and help manage anxiety and depression. The high quality Omega 3 fatty acids in dark chocolate can help manage symptoms of ADD and ADHD. For teens girls, dark chocolate can go a long way to alleviating PMS symptoms. Dark chocolate also assists with mood elevation, blocks craving receptor sites, assists with restful sleep, functions as a cough suppressant, improves brain neuro-transmitter activity and increases energy.

  • Facts about Children's Health and the Benefits of Raw, Dark Chocolate

    High quality, raw, dark chocolate provides a wide array of nutrients, assists with concentration, assists with memory development, helps manage symptoms of ADD/ADHD, helps manage PMS symptoms, replaces bad food with good food, gives children more fiber, helps improve moods, improves dental health, improves conditions during, pregnancy, reduces obesity, reduces occurrences of chronic degenerative diseases and modulates blood sugar levels. For these reasons dark chocolate is great for children and teens.

    summary of chocolate facts

    Literally hundreds of scientific studies overwhelmingly demonstrate that dark, raw chocolate (over 70% cocoa powder) can promote the health of the human body in many different ways. It is true that something, once considered nothing more than calorie-laden junk food, really does offer many health promoting benefits.

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