Drugs for Anxiety Only
Make Things Worse, Not Better

Using drugs for anxiety and panic disorders is rarely the best answer. There are so many solutions out there that are far better than drugs.

For example, I used to know a woman who had started having regular panic attacks.  One day, when she and I were just talking in her kitchen, she had a panic attack right in front of me and it seemed to come on for no apparent reason. The symptoms were plain to see and she was very embarrassed.

Being the busybody that I am, I asked her about it and she told me some of her life story.  It turns out there was an event that she attended once per week that caused her a great amount of stress.  She felt very obligated to go, as it was family-related.  We all know what that's like, don't we?

Anyway, each week, she would start to get stressed out about two days before the event and it would take her three days to recover from it (a couple of people who attended the weekly event were the judgmental type and they were not at all nice to her).  So, six out of seven days every week were spent obsessing about this event.  She felt so trapped that she had begun having panic attacks.

It Was So Crazy! So, So,
the doctor Went Straight for the Drugs for AnxietY!

As soon as the physical symptoms showed up, she had gone to her doctor for help and his immediate response was to prescribe drugs for anxiety. He didn't suggest anything else first. Thankfully, she chose not to take the drugs for anxiety becuase she was breastfeeding and trying to get pregnant again.

She and I talked, for awhile, about how this event was controlling her life.  I asked the obvious question, "Why do you go so often?"  I told her she was being unfair to herself and I strongly suggested that she not go so often.

She said she would think about it, but that she really didn't feel like she had a choice. Her husband wanted her to go to this event because it was a weekly family dinner and she didn't want to make him or anyone else upset so instead she chose to suffer.

She liked her husband's family, for the most part, she just hated the pressure of the weekly dinner because of the unkind people who also attended. I felt bad for her, but what could I do? It was her choice and the truth is that we always have a choice.

About six months later I ran into her again and after some small chit chat, she told me she had cut back on the event.  Now she only went to the dinner once per month.  As expected, there had been an initial uproar and she was called rude and ungrateful, but she had decided that being sick all the time wasn't worth it and in the end everyone settled down and just accepted the new reality.

Her panic attacks had stopped and now she was pregnant with her fourth child. Obviously, the whole thing didn't bother her husband that much.  She was happy and seemed very peaceful. Plus, her state of mind was so much better for her other children as well. And she managed to make all this happen without needing any drugs for anxiety.

This is a classic example of a woman who chose self-empowerment over drugs for anxiety and stress. I believe that the choice she made to get rid of a major stressor in her life or at least reduce its impact had a dramatic effect on her entire state of being.

Now, it's your turn.  What's stressing you out and what will you do about it?

Learn more about how you can avoid using drugs for anxiety. There are so many excellent natural alternatives. One of the best is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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