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Sort Out Stress From Your Past.

Searching free genealogy websites is one way to begin solving an ancestral wellness challenge. Ancestral wellness is all about being well with your personal history.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people each month who are trying to sort out their past. What are people looking for?  Is is just idle curiosity or are people seeking a connection with their past as a way to explain their experiences in the present?

Until recently, when people searched the family tree, they could only go back a few generations. Unless you were in possession of the family Bible, it is unlikely that you would have known much about your family's past.

The Internet has changed all of that.  People are now able to go back 10 or more generations to find out the history of their families.  Luckily, there are many free genealogy websites available to help. Some cost money, of course, but compared to the high cost of stress, oftentimes these membership fees are a small price to pay to have the opportunity to work out the past.

Does Knowing About the Past Make a Difference?

But what will knowing this do for you?  Does knowing that you are related to a royal family somewhere in time make a difference for you today?

In the movie, "The Da Vinci Code", the storyline hypothesized that the St. Claire bloodline of France was descended from Jesus Christ himself, but what difference did that make in the life of the woman who was supposed to be the last remaining descendant of Christ.  As the movie suggested, it didn't mean that she could walk on water.

Many people seem to believe that the conditions, under which they live today are somehow rooted in the past. If you are one nationality, then you must behave the way people from that culture have traditionally behaved. Or must you? For many, this issue can cause a huge amount of stress.

How about you? Do you harbor any values or beliefs that are rooted in something related to your origin. Do you even know what your origin is? If these beliefs are working against you, then it may be time to begin solving an ancestral wellness challenge. Get started by visiting a few free genealogy websites and try to understand if your past is getting in your way.

For example, if you come from poverty, historically, do you still live as a victim, today; if you come from royalty or nobility or money, do you believe that your lineage or family connections mean that you should still have special privileges, today; if you come from a specific nationality or religion, do the traditions and customs of that country or culture cause you stress that you have never been able to pinpoint?

Sometimes rituals and customs that are no longer needed or valid can cause much stress. Many people, subconsciously, follow rules that restrict their behavior and don't even know why they follow those rules or why they allow these customs to control their lives. People even go so far as to allow cultural traditions to torment them so badly that they would choose suicide.

I am not suggesting that human lineage, family tree exploration, and personal history are bad things.  I am merely suggesting that it's worth taking a look at the causes of stress in your life to see if there is something working against you that is just a leftover demon from the past.

Some people ride on the past fame of family history and some people continue to torture themselves over the past shame of family history. 

Ancestral wellness is an important wellness category because we are very much controlled by our values and beliefs. In fact, ideological wellness is another wellness category, unto itself, but we need to make sure that the values and beliefs that control us are actually our own and not a drifting ghost from the past.

Free Genealogy Websites May Hold All the Answers!

Life is hard enough without dragging ghosts along for the ride and maybe you can take advantage of all the free genealogy websites to clean up your loose ends.

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