Gambling Problems are within
Your Realm of Control!

Make Your Gambling Problems a Thing of the Past

Gambling problems, definitely, will cause stress and lots of it.  Addictive behaviors cause stress in our lives and in the lives of countless people around us.  There are gambling problems, alcohol problems, drug problems and problems with overeating, to name but a few.

If you are the person with one of these problems, then the challenge becomes organizing your life around the problem or trying to stop the problem.  If you are someone who is exposed to someone else who has one of these problems, then the challenge is coping in a situation that has to include this problem.

Do you stay?  Do you go?  How much do you put up with?  How do you protect yourself, financially or physically?  If you happen to be a child, survival can be very difficult indeed because you may be powerless to protect yourself.

Gambling problems are completely solvable as are all addictive behaviors, but it takes far more than willpower to get well.  In fact, if willpower is the only tool in your shed, you will likely fail.

One way that people solve their addictions is by substituting one addiction for another.  A classic example of this is the alcoholic who becomes a born again fundamentalist in their religion of choice.

This person has not solved their addiction, they have simply substituted one addiction for another.  They may not be hurting themselves quite as much, physically, anymore, but these people are passionate about everything they touch and they have the capacity to do a lot of damage to the people around them with their new found addiction.

Solving any wellness challenge, whether it be an addiction or anything else is a journey of self discovery.

In the world of addictions, we have all heard of the 12 Step programs.  The program only works, fully, if we do all 12 steps.  If you keep going right to the end, you may find that life is a journey not a destination.

Recovering from an addiction is only the beginning.  People who complete the 12 steps get their lives back and then they can truly start.
If we take the time and invest the energy to truly solve our wellness challenges no matter how big or small, we will be able to take back control of our health and our life and we can truly stop hurting ourselves and the people around us who love us.

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