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Healthy Children
Stress Tip #1


  • I definitely agree it is far easier to build strong, healthy children than it is to repair broken, sickly men and women. Moms must begin teaching their children effective stress management skills as early as possible; even the toddler years are not too soon.
  • It's easy for us, as moms, to say we are too busy or too tired; however, there are significant consequences for children in the world today when stress is not managed correctly and when great habits are not learned at very young ages.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #2


  • Be sure to introduce your children to the stress gatekeeper in their brain - the amygdalae organs (a-mig-da-lee). When children are not taught how to train and manage their gatekeeper, they can develop many lifelong problems, such as chronic stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

  • Research shows that human beings and other primates, are the only members of the animal kingdom that have a large pre-frontal cortex (PFC). This is where learning takes place. It contains the executive functioning area of the brain. The PFC controls the gatekeeper.
  • If you teach your child how to exercise this part of the brain, life will be exponentially easier. If this part of the brain does not get exercise, and children are forced to stay in the emotional center of the brain, they can be plagued by stress, fears and phobias, anxiety, anger and depression.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #3


  • There is one type of stress that is now known to be the cause of more than 200 chronic degenerative diseases? This type of stress is called oxidative stress and it brings with very real physical consequences.
  • You may think that allowing your child to carry an extra 20-30 pounds is no big deal and we should learn to accept each other as we are, but from a stress and medical standpoint, there is nothing worse than starting on the slippery slope to chronic disease by way of oxidative stress.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #4

D.I.Y. PARENTING is the key

  • It may seem counter-intuitive to say the problem with children and stress today has nothing to do with parents or anyone who has lived in the last 100 years.

  • But the truth is that the current education model used in most developed countries today was designed during the industrial revolution. The goal of that system (still in use today) was to produce production and factory workers, not people capable of critical thinking and problem solving.

  • This has led to many moms today believing they must rely on experts to solve problems for their children. 

  • However, what is needed to solve this massive problem is some serious D.I.Y. parenting. There will never be enough money in government to provide enough experts to deal with the problem of stress, for our kids. It's only mom (and dad) who have the time, money and desire to help their OWN kids conquer stress for life.
  • At no other time in history have people had access to more information and this is a good thing because it makes D.I.Y. parenting possible and we, as parents, are the very best stewards of our children’s care.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #5

just for mom & kids

  • Life is stressful; we all know this. Thankfully our bodies come straight from the factory with a pre-installed reward system that gives us the high powered motivation to deal with all the stress life throws at us and still come out on the right side of it.
  • However, if you don't make your children's pre-installed reward system work FOR your child early in life, it can easily begin to work against and harm your children in the teen and adult years.

  • This reward system is there no matter if it used properly or not, so it's far better to learn all about it and help your child take advantage of it when they're young so they won't be victimized by it when they're older.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #6


  • We all need to learn the secret about the intersection of the four main fields of stress. which are chemical stress, physical stress, electro-magnetic stress and emotional stress.

  • Stress is not an emotional problem, it is a medical problem. Just as a therapist cannot solve a circulatory problem, neither can a therapist truly solve an endocrine or hormonal problem.
  • All moms must become very aware of the power of the Endocrine system to bring total health or total illness to a child's life.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #7


  • If you want to be their friend, you must first be your own friend. When us moms disregard our own needs and act cruelly to ourselves, our own Endocrine systems fall out of balance. When this happens, we are no longer able to be the fun and awesome moms we want to be and that our children deserve to have. We must conquer our own stress so we can help our children conquer theirs.

  • We all have leftover baggage from our childhood. It takes real work to find those bags in the dusty, cobwebby sections of our brain. Then it takes incredible courage to open those bags up and take a look at the patterns and habits left over from our own childhood.
  • However if you don't do this in your own life, you will never be able to help your kids conquer their own stress. You will never be able to break the patterns and cycles that must be broken if your children are going to move into their futures with vitality and success.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #8


  • Finding out how to tackle stress in your household can actually be fun.
  • When teaching about a potentially dry topic, such as stress, it is best to build in music and interactive learning opportunities.

  • Make it fun so that kids want to learn about it and get excited about it.

  • Learning through music and hands-on interaction makes learning accessible, increases school success, lowers stress levels, increases chances of future success, improves health and wellness and improves socialization skills.

  • Use the tools offered by www.STRICTLY-STRESS-MANAGEMENT.COM to bring stress management knowledge and skills to life.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #9


  • Having a label does not make stress go away and all the drugs prescribed for these conditions do not help troubled children become healthier children. In today's day and age, we are quick to grab labels everywhere we can to try to explain our children's behavior. ADD, ADHD, PDD, ODD, SAD, Rett's, Asperger's, Autism and the list goes on.

  • Almost all of these childhood originating conditions are caused by stress in one form or another. Having the ability to give symptoms a name does not make it easier for your child to deal with it.

  • Most of these conditions are so new and so few doctors have adequate training in this field that very few diagnosed cases of any of these conditions are actually true cases and drugs almost never help.
  • It's time for parents to get smart, learn about stress and truly help their children.

Healthy Children
Stress Tip #10


  • Balance is not just about teeter totters and seesaws. Learning how to balance the hormonal systems of the body must become a top priority or your child will likely find it much more difficult be happy, healthy, well behaved and successful in life.

  • When the endocrine system falls out of balance, it can be almost impossible to get it back into balance and it makes everything so much harder.

Children with good stress management skills
equals healthy children for life.

It would be so much nicer if we could all be guaranteed healthy children when we decide to start our families, but this is becoming harder and harder to achieve with each passing year.There are so many factors working against even the best moms.

Being successful at raising healthy children who are also happy, self-motivated and successful children is not an easy task and it takes a lot of diligent work and excellent decision making.

If I had to pick the one thing to study to achieve the most success, it would be stress and stress management. If moms take the time to learn about and master the subject of stress, then really can help their children become healthy children able to fully thrive and flourish in life.

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