It's No Joke!! Just a Powerful Stress Management Tool that Tastes Great, Too!

Raw, vegan healthy chocolate could be the long-awaited answer to the prayers of the millions of stressed-out chocolate lovers across North America today. Those painful days of chocolate depression can officially be over forever. You can buy a commercial brand of raw, vegan chocolate such as Xocai Chocolate or you can make it yourself using raw, vegan, organic ingredients, such as cacao, coconut oil, coconut palm nectar and stevia herb. By using a low temperature dehydrator, you can ensure the healthy enzymes and antioxidants are not destroyed by the heat during the tempering process.

Stress, unhealthy food, pollution, radiation, and bad habits cause the body to produce lots of free radicals; free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body; oxidative stress causes more than 200 chronic degenerative diseases; antioxidants (vitamins) neutralize free radicals; fewer free radicals equals less oxidative stress; less oxidative stress means less chance of getting sick; eating raw, vegan, organic healthy chocolate gives you all the antioxidants you need to neutralize free radicals and prevent disease.

So go ahead and enjoy all the benefits of raw, vegan chocolate today.

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How Can Healthy Chocolate Help?

Chocolate can be good for you!!! The chocolate facts are clear. In fact, the links between chocolate and health are almost a no brainer. Many previous studies have linked eating chocolate with health benefits, including:

  • A 2008 study found that people who ate a small amount of dark chocolate a day (about 6.7 grams) had lower levels of a protein that is associated with inflammation in their blood.
  • And what about dark chocolate and heart health? Other recent studies have found that blood platelets clump together more slowly in chocolate eaters. Clumping platelets can lead to the formation of blood clots, which in turn can cause a heart attack. Chocolate consumption may lower blood pressure, help prevent formation of artery plaques and improve blood flow, according to other research.
  • Eating chocolate may even help with math, or at least counting. A study reported in 2009 showed that people did a better job of counting backwards in groups of three after they had consumed a hot cocoa drink containing large amounts of a compound found in chocolate. These compounds, called flavonoids, which we'll get to later, may increase blood flow to the brain.
  • Chocolate ingredients may also have anti-cancer benefits because flavonoids may help reduce the cell damage that can spur tumor growth.

So feel free to go for all those chocolate treats you can't live without. Feel free to use raw vegan chocolate to make a yummy chocolate cake or some delectable and healthy chocolate chip cookies. Try it with some other favorite chocolate recipes that you know and love. You could even try it in a chocolate fondue and serve it up with some wonderful organic strawberries and other tasty fruits. Whatever way you choose to enjoy this amazing chocolate, just remember that you are doing your body good.

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