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Holiday Stress Help You Need This Year

5 Powerful Ideas to Help You Manage
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It’s no secret the holidays can be tough and most of us need as much holiday stress help as we can get our hands on. The six stress management strategies listed below offer concrete solutions to some of the biggest holiday challenges out there.

Being Too Busy

  • There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to be busy during the holidays. Keeping up with the Joneses doesn’t have to be a part of your Christmas. If being busy energizes you, then definitely go for it because some stress can be good stress, but if all that insanity exhausts you and makes you angry and bitter, then feel free to develop much simpler holiday traditions. There are so many great ideas on the Internet about how to cut through all the hustle and bustle of the season and make far less stressful choices for your holiday memories. When you look back on your life in your golden years, do you want to remember panic or peace? It’s up to you.

Dealing with Loss

  • One of the best types of holiday stress help is actually very personal and even intimate. During the holidays, we should never deny our real feelings, particularly around loss and grieving. If you have suffered a loss, it is far better to honor your feelings and let the memories be a part of you. Holidays are usually a time of celebrations with people we love and it is so much better for stress management purposes to rejoice in the recollections of these important people in our lives. You may even want to create concrete annual rituals to help you recall the positive memories and feelings of interacting with loved ones who have gone before. Being true to your ancestry and your past is great for real stress management and for achieving harmony in your life today.

 Toxic Relatives

  • The holidays are often largely about family, but if your relatives are consistently toxic in your life, then feel free to leave them out of your holiday plans.  If these somewhat toxic family members remains important to you, then do the maintenance work during the non-holiday times of the year to build bridges and develop strong boundaries. Then slowly re-introduce these family members into your holiday festivities and traditions a little at a time.  It is never a good idea to do this family maintenance work during the holidays. When you first try this, you may get a bad reception, so making these changes slowly rather than shocking the whole family all at once is probably a good idea.

 Managing Stress Hormones

  • Oftentimes, during the pre-holiday season, we change our behavior to get ready for the holidays. For example, we go on a severe diet or cleanse to get ready for holiday feasting. Messing with your body’s physiology just before the start of the holiday season is a bad idea because you can really interfere with the production of much needed good stress hormones and you can cause over-production of bad stress hormones. If you do this, you can make the entire holiday season far more stressful that it has to be. Always remember the ever-important holiday stress help tip that physiology is everything when it comes to managing stress properly; it’s all about balancing the needs of your body. Do everything in moderation!

Don’t Forget to Exercise… A Lot!

  • During the holidays, even if you don’t do anything different or extreme to your body, you will still produce extra stress hormones to deal with the increased demands on your time and attention. For this reason, exercise is critically important. Your body will need all the extra Nitric Oxide and Endorphins produced during exercise to counter all the Adrenaline and Cortisol coursing through your blood stream. If you fail to pay attention to this need, you may find your immune system crashing and then you may get sick. With plenty of exercise, you can strengthen your immune system and give your body the tools to heal itself if it does pick up a holiday bug.

If you need even more holiday stress help, here are 25 excellent solutions for you to try this year. Seasons greetings!

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