Marginalization for All or None
Who Isn't in Need after All?

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged?

What is marginalization? It seems our society as a whole has a need to group and label people. This process of grouping and labeling causes you to be judged everyday of your life whether you know it or not. When you have been grouped or labeled, it often means you will have fewer rights, less power and you will be relegated to a lower social standing. As time marches on, society comes up with new and better labels for people all the time. Marginalization is not a good thing and it can be very bad from a stress management perspective.

Too Many Categories to Count

Throughout history, people have been called marginalized for too many reasons to count.

  • Wrong age - too old or too young
  • Wrong weight - too fat or too thin
  • Wrong amount of money - too poor or too rich
  • Wrong religion - too spiritual or not spiritual enough
  • Wrong gender - too female or at least not male
  • Wrong color - too black, too brown, too red, too yellow, too non-white
  • Wrong job - too entry-level, not high-enough paying
  • Wrong house or wrong car - too big or too small or too old or too new
  • Wrong education - not enough degrees
  • Wrong language or accent - not English-speaking enough
  • We Just Don't Measure Up

    The whole thing seems so ridiculous. Marginalization seems to mean that you don’t measure up to someone's standards. But, whose standards don’t you meet? It’s certainly not my standards that are the problem since I don’t care how much money you have or what color your skin is or how old you are or what you do for a living.

    Oftentimes, marginalization is a government term used to decide which people should get what portion of taxpayer money. In other words, the term is used to group people into various categories of need. It seems to be all about helping those who can’t or won't help themselves for one reason or another. Sometimes, it's even about forcing people into groups when they don't need or want help at all. This idea could become known as government empowerment or perhaps government disempowerment.

    So, if government empowerment/disempowerment is all about being judged by others’ standards and being helped according to what others dictate as your level of need, then self-empowerment must be when people, in need, set their own standards and stand up for themselves by going out and getting what they feel they need rather than waiting for others to decide their needs and then give it to them.

    This is an important concept because, in truth, we are all in need in one way or another. For example, experts say that more than 90% of the world’s population is in financial need on some level. More than half of the world’s population are women and they are all marginalized and therefore in need. If you don’t have at least a college diploma or university degree, then you are definitely in need. If you’re not happy in your job, then you are in need and the list goes on.

    Now, you can spend your whole life waiting for a label leading to extreme or minimal marginalization (refer back to the list of the top of this page) or you can get a little fire in your belly and choose self empowerment and stand up and say "NO" to labels and marginalization. Stop waiting to be judged so you can receive what society says is coming to you. You will never be happy with your allotment anyway.

    So, if you live in a third world country or in the middle of a war zone or if you are trapped in a hospital bed or suffering from disability or mental illness, then perhaps you really are marginalized and need help. But if you live in Canada or the US or Europe or any other developed, democratic, non-warring nation in the world, then you really have no excuse. Even in tough economic times, when lay-offs happen and people are losing their homes because of foreclosures, you always have a choice.

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