Mental Stress Is Worse Than Ever
Choose Total Wellness Instead

People are Facing a Whole New
Level of Mental Stress

The information age has created a whole new level of mental stress never before seen. Jobs are far more complicated than they have ever been and there is constant pressure to learn new things, to try new things and to adapt to new things.

In the old days, we had physical stress from farming and working in physically demanding factory settings. In some ways, this was good, because when we exercise, our bodies release hormones called endorphins and those hormones help us to cope with all kinds of stress.

But nowadays, our jobs are not so physically demanding. We sit in chairs, growing roots, trying to solve complex mental energy problems. The stress is unreal and because we're getting much less exercise we don't have the benefit of our endorphin hormones to help us cope with all that stress. Even if we don't work in offices, jobs, in general, are far less demanding and dangerous than they once were.

In addition, we're rarely alone in our work settings and so we never really get time to process or thoughts, individually. And in today's bad economic situation, companies are struggling, so there is even more pressure to be faster, stronger and better.

Then, we get in our cars and face traffic - more stress. Then we get home and we face our hectic personal lives - more stress. It seems that it just never ends. Mental stress is heaped on top of traffic stress which is heaped on top of parental stress and relationship or marital stress.

It's no surprise that we are literally being buried alive under a mountain of stress. Where does it stop? It stops with you. Mental stress and all types of stress stop when you say so. If you never say no and put the brakes on, then it will never stop. It's a choice. It's a tough one and you will have to be hard as nails to make it happen, but it can be done.

Choosing to achieve and maintain wellness in any area of life or all areas of life begins with a simple decision. You have to want it, though, and you have to want it bad. Human beings are terrible for sabotaging themselves. Ask any therapist and they will tell you that you must control your inner child if you want to fix the challenges that you face in your life. A therapist may not use those exact words, but the message is the same.

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