Money Worries?
Stop Sabotaging Your Mental Health!

Your Body Has All the Tools You Need!

Do you have money worries? Who doesn't...right?

Did you know that leveraging your naturally-produced stress hormones and brain chemicals can significantly help you improve your approach to money management and decrease all your money worries. You really can mean it when you say, “It’s only money!” If you do, you will be far better at solving debt issues and attracting money to you.

First, a little background about naturally occurring hormones and brain chemicals…

Your body naturally produces stress hormones to deal with daily requirements. For example, when you eat food each day, your body’s Pancreas (small organ near the stomach) will produce either Insulin or Glucagon in order to process the food. If the food is high in processed sugars and starches, your body needs more Insulin, the fat storing hormone. If the food is high in complex carbs, healthy fats and useful proteins, your body produces more Glucagon, the fat burning hormone.

When you sleep or try to get to sleep and if you are a healthy sleeper, your body produces the needed amounts of brain chemicals like Seratonin and Melatonin to help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the recommended 6-8 hours nightly.

There are dozens of different hormones, neurotransmitters and brain chemicals produced by your body to attend to your many daily needs.

Back to the issue of money worries…

If you think about it, most people live in crisis-response mode and living this way wreaks havoc in the body as it tries, often with great futility, to produce the correct hormone for the correct job function at the correct time. People just don’t make it easy for their bodies to get it right. They do their grocery shopping when they are hungry and are then surprised when they come home with a ton of unhealthy junk food… oh well, so much for that diet.

What about solving relationship problems? So often, this is attempted while the body is still filled with fight or flight hormones after an argument or fight. In both of these situations, the reactive nature of the decision-making sets us up to fail before we even begin and the body can’t make heads nor tails of what is needed.

Money worries are no different, if we try to deal with money issues, while we are tired or staring at a stack of bills, then the body will produce the hormones needed to deal with fatigue or the sensation of being overwhelmed. You will not be mentally alert and focused. Speaking to a debt collection agency while hungry is a sure fire way to prevent your body from supplying the tools you need to represent yourself and solve the problem in a constructive manner. When you’re hungry, blood sugar levels are low, which will make you feel frustrated or angry much more quickly than if you have eaten a little something.

10 Ways to Leverage Your Body's Hormones &
Brain Chemicals to Solve Money Worries.

1. Always do some exercise, such as cardio (20 minutes is plenty) before paying monthly bills. During exercise, your body produces Endorphins, which significantly elevate mood. The stack of bills will feel far less overwhelming when you have an Endorphin rush in your bloodstream.

2. Have a tickle fight or engage in some serious cuddle time with kids or your significant other before dealing with anything financial. Even playing with a favourite pet for a few minutes will help your body produce a whopping helping of Oxytocin, the trust hormone. This will make you trust yourself more to make better decisions and trust your partner more around money worries.

3. Diet is also important when it comes to keeping your sanity around money and finances. Increased Nitric Oxide (N.O.) levels will help you keep things organized and keep you thinking clearly. becuase N.O. helps with memory and other complex tasks sending information back and forth between nerve cells. Get more N.O. by eating nuts, fruits, meats, garlic, soy and dairy.

4. Don't forget about motivation and rewards either. Dopamine is the feel good brain chemical that makes you want to repeat pleasurable experiences. When dealing with debt, set small goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Your body will produce Dopamine and your brain will remember the pleasure sensation. Increase Dopamine levels with protein rich foods, foods high in folates, fruits high in amino acids, red beets, apples and raw watermelon juice.

5. Another way to get higher Dopamine levels is by doing something nice for some else.  It is called the “helper’s high.” If you do a good deed, such as some volunteer work, your body will release a Dopamine pulse, which will elevate your mood and make your money worries feel less daunting.

6. Seratonin helps with mood, mental alertness, energy level, memory and learning; all critical tools for effective financial management. Dealing with deadlines, budgets and cash flow without an adequate supply of Seratonin can be hard. Get more Seratonin by eating Swiss cheese, fish, pork, turkey, peanuts, peanut butter, soy, turnips, collard greens and sunflower seeds.

7. Skip that extra cup of coffee. Drinking coffee increases Cortisol levels a lot. While Cortisol is a necessary part of your fight or flight stress response system, too much of it can make you feel agitated. Unless you are being chased by a wooly mammoth, you probably don’t need really high Cortisol levels and it is never a good idea to try to deal with financial matters when agitated and frustrated.

8. Take some time for mediation or contemplative prayer. This will increase your alpha waves in your brain and decrease beta waves.  Alpha waves allow higher level thought processes, which come in handy when trying to solve difficult financial challenges.

9. Before you get on the phone with one of your creditors, have a tea party with your children and serve chamomile tea, which is a great tool for lowering Adrenaline levels. Remember, it was massive spikes in adrenaline that caused the Incredible Hulk to go through his transformation and you definitely don’t want to approach money worries as though you are suffering from severe gamma radiation poisoning.

10. There is no question that dealing with daunting financial chaos can leave a person feeling very depressed. When that happens, you should definitely go enjoy some lovely sushi or a delectable banana split. Both seaweed and bananas cause the body, after a few conversions, to produce more Norepinephine (nor-ep-in-ef-rin), which is great for improving moods and getting rid of depression. When you feel good, money worries always feel far less threatening.

Overall, you want to do things and eat things that cause your body to make more of the hormones and brain chemicals that make you feel happier and in control and you want to do less of the things that sabotage your mental health. If you make these changes in your family’s daily routine, you will find it so much easier to get back on the good side of money and finances.

Don't Forget to Teach Your Kids Good Habits, Too!

Now that you know all about leveraging your body's naturally produced hormones and brain chemicals to help with financial management issues such as budgeting, planning, debt management and cash flow issues, don't forget to teach your children everything you have learned. Your kids also need great food, lots of exercise, a self-managed reward system and lots of opportunities to help others.

If you help them to develop good stress management habits, they will also be able to conquer stress for life, especially when dealing with finances and then maybe they won't have to deal with any nasty money worries at all.

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