Oxidative Stress is Slowly Killing Us!
Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!

Have you ever heard the term, oxidative stress? Don't worry, you're not alone. Recently, medical and nutritional specialists, such as Dr. Ray Strand (2002), have come to believe the leading cause of more than 200 chronic degenerative diseases is oxidation from free radicals and it's not a very pretty picture. Below is a description of how this oxidation happens in your body.

From Dr. Strand's Website about Oxidative Stress

"Dangerous oxidation happens when free radicals are created in the body and the body has become incapable of fighting off the free radicals.  Left unchecked, these free radicals do an immense amount of damage to the tissues and cells in our bodies.

It is believed that the weakest area of the body will be broken down the quickest by the free radicals and that is likely to be the area that will develop a chronic degenerative disease first.

So the person with a weakness in their respiratory system may become an asthmatic or the person with a weakness in their neural system may eventually be afflicted by stroke.

But what causes oxidative stress and the creation of free radicals?  There are many things that cause oxidative stress.  These things include radiation from the sun, our toxic food supply, our toxic water supply, our polluted air, AND OUR STRESSFUL, BUSY LIFESTYLES.

All of these things join together to keep our bodies under constant attack, and it is in this environment that free radicals run wild, leaving trails of oxidative stress damage and destruction in their wake."

The purpose of this site is to help people learn to deal with the part of the problem they can control - STRESS - stress from our busy lifestyles and oxidative stress caused by the food we eat.

You can learn more from this informative video.

Our primary aim is to be a resource for education and empowerment to help people solve their wellness challenges and slow the production of free radicals in their body.

We believe that stress can be managed and conquered, and that once people learn to prevent and manage stress that they will be better able to prevent free radical development, thereby reducing the chances of being afflicted with a chronic degenerative disease or if you already have a CDD, as I do, then you can significantly slow its progress and even reverse it, in many cases.

It is our belief that today's hectic life style can be changed and that people can live happier, healthier lower stress lifestyles and make the much better food choices that would allow them to make the kind of decisions that would prevent disease.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad (2000) talks about people being in a “financial rat race” that they can never seem to get out of. He says that by increasing your financial education and changing how you look at finances that you can get out of the rat race and into the fast track so that you can achieve financial freedom.

We, on the other hand, believe that the average person is in much worse than just a financial rat race. We believe that people are in a rat race in every area of their lives. People are not happy, people are scared, people are lost, people are depressed, people are trapped, and people have lost hope.

Each and every day people compromise the things that are important to them and fail to achieve their dreams and their potential. This condition creates the stressful, fertile ground within which free radicals are able to multiply and destroy.

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