Effective Problem Solving Strategies
Never Leave Home Without Them!

By increasing your knowledge of problem solving strategies and concepts, you will be able to solve all your wellness challenges, reduce stress and take back control of your health and your life; thereby reducing your chances of getting seriously ill from chronic degenerative disease, many of which are, caused by stress.

Below are 15 principles and practices of problem solving and change engineering. These 15 problem solving strategies should make a huge difference in your ability to solve all your wellness challenges.

A Few Problem Solving
Strategies to Get You Started

  1. Always keep an open mind for new opportunities and ways of doing things. Stay flexible. Be willing to try out new scenarios and strategies. Never commit until you have tested several theories. Rigidity is a trap as far as problem solving strategies are concerned. If you can’t adapt, you can’t truly live.
  2. A solution is only as good as the color of your hat. Black Hat (negative) thinking is very important in solving problems, but it is not the only hat. Never forget there are five other hat colours and five other ways of looking at problems. (De Bono)
  3. Big-picture thinking is critical when it comes to  problem solving strategies. You must be able to remove yourself from the problem and look at the situation objectively. Get up in that helicopter and get an aerial view of the problem. Stepping outside the problem will make it much clearer than ever before.
  4. Always ask questions. You are just one person limited by the power of one person’s mind. To be truly inspired to solve problems well, you must harness the power of others' intelligence as well. Gather information, read books, do research and learn as much as you can.
  5. Stay focused. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted. Taking on too much or spreading yourself too thin may significantly delay your success or even stop your attempt at improving your problem solving strategies . Do one step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race (Aesop).
  6. Be realistic. Make sure your plans are not too far beyond your reach. Nothing will sabotage an attempt to solve a wellness challenge faster than making the problem too big. Blowing things out of proportion will ensure you never solve the problem.
  7. Follow through. Finish what you start. You are better off solving one wellness challenge successfully than to start but not finish solving 10 wellness challenges. The sense of accomplishment that you will feel just by getting to the end of the first wellness challenge will be worth it even if the solution isn’t perfect yet. You can always try again or dig a little deeper later on.
  8. Be thankful for what you have. Being envious of others success is a bad idea when it comes to problem solving strategies. Remember that every person who seems successful always has their own set of wellness challenges to solve and their own path that they must follow. There are few people who have achieved total wellness at all let alone without a few or many hiccups along the way.
  9. Break it down into smaller pieces. How do you eat an apple? One bite at a time. Start at the beginning and work to the end and the end will definitely come. Smaller is better when it comes to solving wellness challenges.
  10. When it comes to effective problem solving strategies, you don’t want to inadvertently substitute one problem for another. Be careful as you work through your challenges that you don’t accidentally create new problems in place of old ones. You have to deal with the whole problem not just pieces of it.
  11. If something doesn’t work, learn from it and move on. There is no point dwelling on the past or on failing. Nothing is ever a failure unless you don’t learn from it. Edison, said, I have not failed 10,000 times; I have successfully found 10,000 ways that do not work.
  12. Celebrate your success and reward yourself as you go along. Don’t wait until the e nd. We are human and we are weak. We have to give ourselves as many rewards as children need to be able to solve problems effectively.
  13. Find cheerleaders to cheer you on and stay away from wellness thieves. Build a team of people around you who will help you move forward. Don’t give your power away and keep building up your arsenal of problem solving strategies.
  14. Don’t give up in the face of adversity. If it was easy to solve a wellness challenge, it wouldn’t be called a challenge. Keep going. Keep trying. Keep hoping. Keep learning. Remember every day is a fresh start.
  15. Expect your best from yourself. Never be so hard on yourself that you FORCE yourself to fail. But, at the same time, never be so easy on yourself that you ALLOW yourself to fail either. The goal is to keep up enough pressure to get the job done without falling to either extreme.

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