A Good Stress Reducer Game
Can Really Help With Coping

If you don't know of a good stress reducer game to help get through the day, then maybe you can find something good from this list of stress relief games provided by Arcade Void.

5-Star Stress Reducer Game List

Tomb Scape 2
You must enter the ancient Mayan tomb and take pictures of everything on your list before you can return to civilization.

4 Differences
Stress relief at it's best, until you start struggling to find that 4th difference! Enjoy this animated, relaxing and sometimes surprising 'spot the difference' game.

4-Star Stress Reducer Game List

Block Drop
A warm and relaxing puzzle game that should help relieve your stress. Move a gem around 3D block formations. Your aim is to drop each block into the water.

An ingenuous game that takes just one click of the mouse to win each level. Place your click in the right place and watch the Boomshine chain reaction.

Dolphin Cup
The sequel to Dolphin Olympics is here with better graphics, bigger tricks and an endless sky to jump into. Dolphin Cup is a fun and unique stress relief game.

Flower Seed Game
Create and splice your very own unique plant in this fun and addictive simulation. The Flower Seed Game starts with 1 simple flower and you wait for variations to appear so you can splice them to create something truly unique. The Flower Seed Game is an imaginative stress relief game.

Fly Guy
Stick it to the man and float around like a true fly guy. Above the ground there's sky, above the sky there's space, but what's above space?

Magic Pen Game
A cool drawing game with added realistic physics to make it even more fun. In the Magic Pen Game you must draw and release shapes onto the screen to get the ball to the flag.

Neon Maze A relaxing stress relief puzzle game. Guide your little hero through a series of color coded mazes in a pretty looking neon world.

The Cup of Cursors Game
It's not really a game but it will give you an excuse to relax for five minutes. Play with 25 different cursors to relieve some stress.

A very relaxing game concept based on twisting a 3D arrangement of stars until you can see an image. Starlight is part of our stress relief games collection.

Traffic Slam Game
Relieve some stress by driving your car at high speeds into heavy traffic! Traffic Slam is the only game that gives you points for creating the biggest car crash.

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