Oxidative Stress and Diabetes
The Link is Clear

Is Oxidative Stress and Diabetes a Problem for You?

Since 2003, the proof has been mounting that oxidative stress and Diabetes are linked; and it’s both types of Diabetes, Type 1 (Insulin Dependent) Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus that are involved.

When people constantly spike their blood sugar all day long by eating junk food and highly processed starches or carbohydrates, they are slowly disabling several important body systems such as the organ known as the Pancreas. This leads to Diabetes, a chronic degenerative disease that can seriously disable you and eventually end your life.

Of course, most people already know that candy and other sweets that are high in sugar are bad for us (the dentist has been telling us this for years), but did you know that foods made with white flour, white rice, white pasta, and most potatoes are also a big problem? Whole wheat flour products are nearly as bad as white flour products. Why are they bad? They are bad because these foods are highly processed before you eat them and this leaves nothing for your body to do except store them as fat. In fact, these foods are so highly processed they convert to fat in your body faster than table sugar.

This process is an extreme form of chemical stress (sugar is a chemical compound), called glucose oxidation meaning all the sugar and the way the body processes it is causes your body to rust from the inside out in the same way water causes a car to rust. Internal rusting of the body, also called premature aging, is the main way that oxidative stress and Diabetes are intertwined.

Another problem is that most of the food we eat is dead, meaning it has no living enzymes in it. When we first pick plants, they are alive and filled with living enzymes. Your body needs these enzymes to break down the food into a usable form. If you eat the food in this form, then all the sugars and salt are naturally occurring and the body knows exactly what to do with them. When we process these foods, we kill all the enzymes and your body is left without the tools it needs to process the food.

The major problem starts with the packaged and processed foods you buy at a store. Eighty percent of these foods are laced with various forms of processed sugars such as glucose and fructose and we have just learned that processing has killed all the naturally occurring enzymes, through pasteurization, irradiation, transportation and extended storage. This leaves your body helpless to break down the proteins, which have now been combined with all these sugars. This is a key part of the oxidative stress and Diabetes relationship.

The whole process is so unnatural that your body has no idea how to get at the energy and nutrients. Basically the process ties your body’s hands behind its back and it has no choice but to store the food without ever giving you a chance to burn off the energy and make use of the nutrients to help your body eliminate the free radicals. Your body can’t absorb the nutrients unless living enzymes are part of the deal.

All of this insanity with the way the sugars in the food are being broken down forces your body to create an endless supply of free radicals and these do damage, a lot of damage, in your body. The damage done by these nasty little free radicals is called oxidative stress and it is a direct link to chronic diseases such as Diabetes.

Wouldn’t it would be nice if the body only made a few of these little devils at a time here and there? If that were true, oxidative stress and Diabetes would never become a problem for you. And wouldn’t it be even better if your body had a way to eliminate free radicals as they are made?

Thankfully, it is possible to reduce the number of free radicals you produce by making better lifestyle choices, exercising properly, improving your attitude and eating better quality food; and it is possible for your body to eliminate the free radicals you do make by giving it the right tools, called anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, most people never really take full advantage of this opportunity and oxidative stress and Diabetes become the inevitable outcome for millions of uninformed and/or stubborn people.

How to Get Diabetes in 5 Simple Steps
Oxidative Stress and Diabetes Made Easy

Step 1: Always eat highly processed foods filled with highly processed sugars; eat this type of food several times each day for several years. The more packages and boxes, the better. If you do this with your children, you can make sure they get Diabetes at a really young age.

Step 2: Ensure the food has no living enzymes, by ensuring the food is not fresh, raw and local. Never buy organics. This will ensure you cannot break down any of the food you eat and it will be stored as fat. It will also ensure your body cannot absorb any nutrients from the food to help fight oxidative stress and Diabetes.

Step 3: Never allow the body to have any anti-oxidants to get rid of the free radicals being made by the toxic, chemical-laden food you eat and the related chemical stress (sugar is a dangerous chemical compound, after all).

Step 4: Wait for about 10-15 years, allowing your weight to continually increase. You will go through 3 stages of a condition called Metabolic Syndrome, which will make it so your body is resistant to its own insulin. This will make it continually harder for your body to process its food.

Step 5: Success, you have now have a condition called Beta Cell exhaustion, a.k.a. Diabetes. The full link between oxidative stress and diabetes how now been achieved.

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