Stress and Nutrition
The Connection is Clear!

Let's Talk Stress and Nutrition

There is no longer any question about the links between oxidative stress and nutrition, you NEED vitamin and mineral supplements in today's world! If you want to stop rusting from the inside out from oxidative stress, then you better get your hands on some decent supplements. Oxidative stress and nutrition definitely go hand in hand these days.

You might say, "But, I can get all the nutrition I need from my food!!! What do I need vitamins for?" Well… no, you can’t get all you need from your food anymore and here’s the proof...

In 1992, two Harvard University researchers proved, once and for all, that you can no longer get all the nutritional support you need from your food.  They made a presentation to the Journal for the American Medical Association (JAMA), a very conservative group, after they studied thousands of nutrition related articles. They surmised that food (especially, fruits and vegetables) just isn't what it used to be.  After that research study, JAMA completely reversed its position and began telling people that all adults need to supplement every day.

If you want more evidence, just take at a look at the recent book by journalist, Michael Moss, called “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.”  A quick read through this and it becomes painfully obvious why we have to fortify our body systems to save our health. The majority of food is almost poisonous to our systems and causes endless free radicals to be created. The link between food stress and nutrition has become very clear.


Plants make their own vitamins through a process called “photosynthesis.”  They work in partnership with the sun, soil and water to make all the vitamins that we need. 

The problem happens after the plants begin to grow and after we harvest the food.  We cover our crops with toxic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides; we use toxic storage methods like pressurizing, irradiation, pasteurization and gassing; and we over-process the food, filling it with even more chemicals. By the time it reaches your table, all the good vitamins have been destroyed. The same goes for the living enzymes that were once in the food.  These living enzymes are needed for proper digestion of food. We cook and process these enzymes, literally, to death.


Plants must get minerals from the soil in order for the food to contain minerals.  The human body requires 22 minerals a day in large quantities to achieve optimal health. The food, today, has no minerals because traditional farming practices are no longer used. Years of incomplete farming practices have lead to the depletion of the soil.

Meat and Dairy

The process called pasteurization, injections of antibiotics and growth hormones and the over-processing of this food group, like all the others, all ensure there is very little nutrition in your meat and dairy products. all of these things cause oxidative stress and nutrition supplements can help reverse the damage.

All in all, oxidative stress and nutrition are closely linked and supplements are really no longer an option. Gone are the days when doctors believed that taking vitamins and minerals was a great way to get expensive urine; nowadays, they are a matter of life and death, a very slow, painful and uncomfortable death from chronic degenerative disease.

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