Stress Humor All Around
Laughter Is The Best Medicine

8 Ways to Add a Little Stress Humor to Your Life

Here is some stress humor and stress fun to take the pressure off the daily grind. Taking time to laugh HARD each and every day really does keep illness and serious chronic degenerative disease at bay.

Stress Jokes

Some good old fashioned stress jokes to give you a really good belly laugh. Check out the links at the bottom of each joke to find more great jokes.

Stress Relief Games
Sometimes a simple stress relief game can help break through the wall of stress that most of us face each and every day. Here are eleven FREE stress relief games that you can try out right at your desktop.

Positive Daily Affirmations
Forget about the stress quotes recorded from the utterings of famous people throughout history. Sometimes the very best quotes on stress and stress management are the positive affirmations we say to ourselves on a daily basis.

Stress Quotes
Next are the quotes on stress from famous people. Some are serious and some are humorous, but all should make you think a little.

Dead Giveaways It's Time To Solve A Wellness Challenge.
Next is a humorous list of situations, in which it might be a good idea to think about solving a wellness challenge in some area of your life.

Weak and Ineffective Stress Managers
Poking fun at 20 common stress management styles to show you the many different ways that people successfully avoid being good stress managers.

Laugh Therapy Video 1
Have you ever tried laugh therapy to relieve stress. Do you have a sense of humor? Can you laugh at yourself when you make mistakes? Can you be lighthearted when things don't turn out the way you hoped? Do you try to find the good, the funny, the whimsical in the world as you go about your daily business?

Laugh Therapy Video 2
If you haven't yet tried laughter therapy for stress management, you might want to take a moment to watch this video. British actor, John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, visited India's famous Laughter Club to try to understand how laugh therapy can help us to de-stress. He was surprised to find that India takes the business of laughing very seriously with 600 laughter clubs that meet daily throughout India.

Stress humor is no laughing matter. When you forget to include some fun in your day, you can really get caught up in a lot of frustration, hostility and nonsense. Never forget to take some time to really laugh, even if it means laughing at me because my jokes are not the least bit funny. I really won't mind as long as it's a really deep belly laugh.It is critically important to always remember the stress humor link.

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