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Bach Flower Remedies Can Help
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They are Fantastic Stress Management Strategies

Stress management strategies such as Bach Flower Remedies are an excellent way to begin the long, hard climb back from the chaotic, stressful world, in which many of us reside. For emotional stress management, Bach Flower Essences are, by far, the best of the stress management products on the market today. The amazing thing is that this winner in the stress management strategies realm is not even new. It was first discovered in the 1920's and 1930's by a medical doctor in England named Edward Bach.

I know, it seems too good to be true and if I hadn't tried it myself, I never would have believed it either. I mean, who would have thought that powerful stress management strategies such as Bach Flower Therapy have always been around. Using Bach Flower Essences, in my life, was the first step on my long road away from stress, constant illness and chronic disease to achieving and maintaining total wellness.

Over a period of 19 or so years, Dr. Edward Bach discovered a total of 38 Bach Flower Essences that are very powerful in helping people to manage a very wide range of stressful emotions.

Dr. Edward Bach Centre in England

To see a full list of all 38 remedies and a description of this winner as far as stress management strategies are concerned, check out the website for the Bach Centre in England when you have a moment.

A Personal Bach Flower Therapy Story

It really is quite incredible. When I tried it the first time, I was in marriage counseling, yet again, and getting nowhere fast. My whole world was a mess and it was no wonder that my marriage was a mess. How can you have a happy, successful marriage if you are miserable. YOU CAN'T!

At the end of our second or third session with this new counselor, she asked us if we had ever tried Bach Flower Therapy. We said we had never heard of it.

She brought out a tray with all these little brown bottles on it and then she began asking us a few more questions. As we answered them, she began mixing the Bach Flower Essences in slightly larger little brown, one-ounce medicine bottles with glass eyedroppers. Then she labeled the bottles and gave one to each of us and told us to take a 1/4 eyedropper full 2 to 3 times per day under the tongue. Needless to say, we were a little skeptical. We said we would try it after she proved they were not chemical and were just safe-to-use herbs. She claimed they were one of the best stress management strategies she had ever found.

We used the remedies for three weeks and to be honest I didn't notice any change at first, but then slowly, I noticed that my reactions to things were different. I was less reactive, more confident, less stubborn, etc.

When we went to our next appointment she mixed another batch. Some remedies were the same, but after more discussion she used different remedies. This went on for several months and finally we asked for a detailed explanation of what was happening.

She said it was like cleaning out the cobwebs and moving us closer together on a sort of marriage continuum. I was a very intense person and my husband was very passive. We were at opposite ends of the spectrum. By moving us closer together, we were able to see each others' point of view better.

A couple of years later, I now own my own set of the remedies that make up the Bach Flower Therapy program and I am able to mix the remedies that I need when I need them. They really are quite miraculous.

If you would like life to be a lot easier in terms of managing your emotions, I strongly suggest you get your hands on one of the best stress management strategies I have ever found - Bach Flower Therapy. You can buy all 38 bottles or just a few to get started. We use them all the time in our family for all kinds of reasons and we are always amazed at how effectively they work.

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