Stress Relief Jokes
A Little Sarcasm to Brighten Your Day!

Here is a growing list of stress relief jokes based on 48 different wellness categories.

Everyone knows that stress is out of control and that for the sake of our health and happiness, we really should take action to get stress under control.

The following list of sarcastic jokes takes a slightly sarcastic look at life and pokes a little fun at the situations when stress really has spiraled too far out of control. Do any of these stress relief jokes match your personal situation? If they do, it may be time to search around this website to find some new ways of handling life so that you don't have to repeatedly resort to sarcastic stress relief jokes in order to just get by during the day.


List of Stress Relief Jokes by Wellness Category

  • Marital Wellness — Our Husbands and Wives
    You are on your third marriage and waiting to meet your lawyer again. This time your gonna try to get the house.
  • Financial Wellness — Our Money
    You are now up to your 37th piggy bank and you are beginning to wonder if this is the best way to be saving money.
  • Informational Wellness — Our Knowledge
    You were watching the news last week and were surprised to find out that the Berlin Wall wasn’t there anymore.
  • Ideological Wellness — Our Values and Beliefs
    You start to vibrate and lose color whenever someone disrupts the status quo within 50 miles of you.
  • Festival Wellness — Our Holidays and Special Days
    You celebrate the holidays and special days of every religion just to be on the safe side. You have a party twice a week as a result.
  • Familial Wellness — Our Extended Families
    At your family reunion, there are 200 people in attendance, but you only know three of them.
  • Entrepreneurial Wellness — Our Businesses
    You have now declared bankruptcy on your third business and want to start another one.
  • Collegial Wellness - Our Co-workers and Associates
    The TV show called “The Office” is an accurate depiction of your workplace.
  • Collateral Wellness - Our Safety and Security
    Your car has been stolen so many times that you have your own personal parking space at the insurance office.
  • Parental Wellness - Our Kids
    You wanted to call your kids to the supper table the other day, but couldn't remember their names.
  • Communal Wellness - Our Neighbors
    You've decided that it's time to go for the really high fence now, because the six-footer just ain't doing the job anymore.
  • Behavioral Wellness - Our Addictions
    Your biggest complaint about all the coughing and sputtering is that it makes it more difficult to smoke.

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