Stress Video:
The Science of Stress!

In this Stress Video, Learn All about
Two Stress Hormones: Adrenaline & Cortisol.

This stress video from National Geographic will share with you a scientific overview of the body's stress response system involving the stress hormones known as Adrenaline and Cortisol.  

Understanding the link between cortisol and stress is a particularly compelling subject in the study of the science of stress because there can be some fairly major consequences, physically, if this stress hormone is not managed correctly. When people are really suffering from the effects of stress, it is often due to the repeated overproduction of these two powerful stress response hormones.

How does it all work? This stress video shows when the body is exposed to a stressful experience (mental or physical), it begins to release the stress hormones, Adrenaline and Cortisol, allowing you to deal with the situation.

Adrenaline helps improve our speed, strength, endurance and force, making us more capable of reacting/responding to the stressor, and Cortisol provides the energy burst needed to support those extras. This process also gives you more focus or clarity of thought allowing you to be a better decision maker.

The stress video further explains that when the stressor requires a physical response from us, the Cortisol burst is used up as the body burns energy, but when the stress is from a mental source, the body cannot eliminate the hormone as easily.

Left unchecked over a long period of time, a buildup of Cortisol can deplete bone density and cause other chronic diseases. If not excreted or used up, Cortisol, which is intended to be a helpful hormone, becomes a very dangerous hormone.

The basic message of this stress video is if you are going to live a life filled with mental stress challenges, then you must have a healthy, consistent and rigorous exercise routine in order to eliminate all the Cortisol produced in your body.

Adrenaline can also be a problem. In the old days, human beings were not threatened physically all the time. A physical threat was not a common occurrence. Of course, physical threats did happen, but not on a regular basis. The body had Adrenaline available when it was needed, but thankfully, these threats were not frequent and continuous.

In modern times, as mentioned earlier, mental stress has replaced physical stress and so the body`s ability to produce Adrenaline is called upon daily or several times each day or week as opposed to only occasionally. In response, the body faithfully produces Adrenaline each time there is a mental stressor present, but over time, the Adrenal glands wear out and nowadays, far too many people are suffering from a condition called Adrenal fatigue.

It’s time to start exercising to use up all that excess Cortisol and it’s time to get mental and emotional stress under control and give your Adrenal glands a break.


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