Ten Tips for Stress Management
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List of Ten Tips for Stress Management

Following is a list of ten tips for stress management to help you deal with day to day stress in your life. The better you become at managing emotional stress, the less likely you will be to develop uncontrolled free radicals in your body, which lead to extreme oxidative stress and then chronic degenerative disease.

1. Systems and Routines

One of the very best of these ten tips for stress management is to get good at using systems and routines in your day to day life. In doing so, you will have far more energy left over to deal with all the unpredictable things that life can and does throw at you. This one item is by far the most important on our list of ten tips for stress management. As you watch Michael's video on inventing systems in a business, you have to think about "My Co" as your life instead. I am not at all suggesting that you get as extreme as Michael Gerber, but systems and routines will go a very long way to helping get stress under control in your life.

2. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques

Another of the excellent stress relief tips is EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Most of us suffer from serious repressed emotion that began to accumulate well before we even started school. Over the years, our repressed emotions have compounded and now form the root of much of the stress in our lives. Once you have watched the overview video on EFT, you can review the EFT tapping points. EFT is one of the best tips for reducing stress you will ever find.

3. Meditation or Contemplative Prayer

Depending on which religion you follow, you will call this stress management tip meditation or contemplative prayer. They are both essentially the same thing, as far as stress management is concerned. In each case, you use stillness, breathing and repetition to calm the mind and soothe the soul until stress dissipates.

4. Nutrition

Few people understand how much damage food can do. More than 70% of all chronic degenerative disease is caused by food and many of our stress-related conditions including anxiety, ADD, ADHD, etc. all have links to poor diet. One of the biggest problems is sugar intake. We eat so much refined white sugar and we eat so many highly-processed carbohydrates that we spike our blood sugar several times each day. This repetitive process keeps the body in a highly stressed state most of the time. If you are really serious about managing stress, you must first begin managing your diet better. This one tip could be the most important of these ten tips for stress management as chemical stress from food is one of the biggest problem, we, as a society, are facing.

5. Bach Flower Remedies

I really love the Bach Flower Remedies. These 38 little treasures from nature can really bring stressful feelings and repressed emotions under control. Having used them personally for several years, I highly recommend this emotional healing program.

6. Laugh Therapy

There is nothing like side-splitting laughter to really put stress in its place. If you haven't used laugh therapy, then what are you waiting for? Follow the link to find 5 great benefits of laugh therapy.

7. Music Therapy

They say that music soothes the savage breast. Even the first Harry Potter book informed us that simply playing some gentle music would put the two or three-headed wild dog monster to sleep. Stress is very much like a two or three headed monster and so it makes sense that music therapy could make all the difference in the world in your stress management regime. Perhaps this little gem should even be a little higher on our list of ten tips for stress management.

8. Animal Therapy

Having been a pet owner for most of my life, I can attest to the fact that animals help relieve stress, as I am sure most of you know. It is actually very amazing just how much animals can reduce stress and as a result a whole stress management tool called Pet Therapy has emerged for use in hospitals and schools. Check it out.As far stress management goes, pet therapy could be the least threatening of the ten tips for stress management because for most people animals bring a kind of heart warming feeling to life.

9. Volunteering

Number nine on our list of ten tips for stress management is volunteering. It seems that helping others increases our Dopamine and Oxytocin levels, which are very important brain chemicals for stress management. So go do some volunteer work soon and help yourself at the same time.

10. Problem Solving Skills

If you take the time to improve your problem solving skills, you may find you improve your stress management abilities, at the same time. Stronger problem solvers are able to be less reactive and more proactive when hit with life's little surprises.

So there you have it, a list of ten tips for stress management to help you get through the week. Good luck!

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