The Wellness Revolution Is Here!
Time For Serious Problem Solving

With the Wellness Revolution Going Full
Steam Ahead, You No Longer Have to Put
Up with Stress if You Don't Want To!

The WELLNESS REVOLUTION is here! The time has come! Not only, do we have the knowledge available to solve all our wellness challenges, but most of the developed world will support your efforts to get well.

Gone are the days when wellness was looked down on.  Back in those days, if you wanted to take your vitamins or get healthy, you were just weird.  But, no more. Now, we know and accept the fact that smoking is dangerous.  Even smokers themselves agree that smoking is bad.  There is a Curves Center in every town.  There are more than 8000 Curves outlets in the world.  People no longer think that working out is weird.

But what about problem solving skills.  The Wellness Revolution has allowed us to eat better, to exercise, to take supplements, to take steps to reduce the effects of aging and even to let us learn to relax.

But what about stress management through problem solving. Being good at coping with stress is one thing, but what about completely solving our wellness challenges and kicking out stress once and for all.  It can be done.

All it takes is a new skill set, more knowledge, a decent support structure and a system.  The really successful businesses in the world have been using well-designed operational systems for years.  I think it's time for the self-help industry to meet the business world.

There are so many tools and techniques in the business world that could completely change the way that the average person solves their personal problems.  It has become my passion
to show you how to get serious about problem solving from a business and project management perspective.

In the last three years, I have taken many courses on business management, project management and operational systems development.  Currently, I am completing a Master's Degree in Business Administration at the University of Athabasca.  

My work history, until now, has, primarily, been in the fields of adult education and career development education.  But recently, I have designed a problem solving model that will combine the best of what I know about how people learn with what I know and am learning about business management.

I think you will agree, that the model, I am developing, could really help people to capitalize on the power of the current Wellness Revolution by becoming much better problem solvers.

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