Workplace Diversity is a Gift!
Why Aren't We More Thankful?

The Idea of Workplace Diversity is Filled with Challenges in Terms of Workplace Stress

Workplace diversity is a very big deal these days. This is a good thing too, because most people start working at age 15 or so and keep working until they retire, sometimes 50 years later.  Nowadays, it can be even longer.

Considering how long you get to spend in the wonderful world of work, it seems you would want to work very hard to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable and stress free as possible, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The following list of different types of office politics is a sampling of the various minefields and snares that you will step into a long the way. If you are good at managing workplace diversity and office politics, then you might emerge relatively whole, but more than likely, you will endure more than a few war wounds along the way.

  • Backstabbers & Snakes
  • Betrayals & Whistle-blowing
  • Brown-nosers & Sycophants
  • Bullies and Bad Bosses
  • Climbing the Ladder
  • Cliques
  • Coworkers Driving Me Crazy
  • Goodbye! Quitting. Being Fired
  • Jealousy, Envy and Lust
  • Nepotism & Family Matters
  • Office-Princesses, Boss' Pet and Halos
  • Power Plays
  • Rumors, Gossip and Buzz
  • Stealing CreditToxic Workplaces
  • Achieving and maintaining collegial wellness with our co-workers and associates is no easy task. First, we change jobs all the time and so even if we are successful at forging reasonable relationships with co-workers in one environment, it won't be long before we change jobs or careers and the whole thing starts all over again.

    There are so many triggers to set us off and holes to fall into. There are language barriers, cultural differences and education levels. There are illnesses, attitudes and naivety.

    So often, things happen in the workplace that are quite innocent and with just a little communication could easily be resolved, but instead we hunker down and start firing.

    Collegial wellness is a choice and diversity at work is not going away anytime soon. The older we live to be and the worse off the social safety net becomes, the more likely we will be to spend 60 or more years in the workforce. It seems a shame to spend it being endlessly miserable and stressed out. Let's not forget that stress leads to chronic disease and chronic disease steals our quality of life. What's the point of working all those years if you are just going to be sick all the time?

    A good way to explore your attitudes and experiences with workplace diversity and office politics is to take a collegial wellness survey.

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