Emotional Abuse Signs
Rampant In Our Society

There are emotional abuse signs everywhere in our society. In fact, we are likely abused each and every day in a majority of our relationships. Most of the time, when we think of emotional abuse, we think of our romantic relationships such as marriage or common-law relationships; sometimes we think of the relationships we have with our parents, but the truth is emotional abuse is rampant in our society in most if not all our relationships. This problem stems from the fact that emotional distress is out of control at a societal level.. 

Why are We So Troubled as a Society?

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A major part of the problem seems to be that we live in a society of induced helplessness and blame. We do not take responsibility for ourselves and we need to be able to blame others for all of our mistakes and problems. We have to because blaming ourselves would only make the  pile higher of things for which we already hate ourselves. We no longer have emotional control.  

Emotional wellness is completely out of balance in today's society. If you think you are the victim of emotional abuse, you probably are, but chances are you are also victimizing someone in your life as well.

Unfortunately, the problem is not going to go away anytime soon. We are so driven to get out from under the blinding glare of blame that we don't even realize how abusive we are behaving.

Chronic disease is a huge part of the problem too.  We have let our immune systems get so weak over the years with bad food and stressful lifestyles that we have depleted our bodies to the point of being under constant attack and now so many of us are so sick that we have become true burdens on society.

We are miserable and we are taking it out on everyone around us. We have Chronic Depression and Chronic Fatique Syndrome and Fybromyalgia and every other ailment known to man. We feel like crap all the time so we see nothing wrong with making other people's lives miserable too.

Signs of Emotional Abuse are Everywhere

The abuse is everywhere.  There are emotional abuse signs in family relationships.  The abuse flows in all directions in this setting. She is abusing him; he is abusing her; they are abusing their children; the children are abusing the parents.  Home-based abuse shoots in as many directions as there are points on a compass.

There are emotional abuse signs at work; there is abuse in the community; there is abuse in church communities; there is abuse in politics; and there is abuse in all our school environments. You can't escape from all the emotional abuse in our society.

It truly is the ultimate wellness challenge to be solved. Emotional wellness or emotional well-being is achievable, though; it will take effort, but it can be done.

Just like any other wellness category, it will take serious critical thinking skills and problem solving skills to fix the mess.  You may not believe that it can be fixed, but I still believe there is hope.  An excellent starting point is a smile and the simple words, "I am truly sorry, please forgive me."  

We all have bad days, bad weeks, bad months, even bad years and bad decades.  But, it is not the next guy's fault.  It is our own fault.  And we can choose to solve all our wellness challenges so that the emotional abuse signs in our world can be reduced.

Eight Typical Emotional Abuse Signs

The image below shows the typical 8 emotional abuse signs that inevitably lead to physical or sexual abuse. From a risk management standpoint, it is critically important to know these signs so you can do what needs to be done to protect yourself.

Get started dealing with the emotional abuse in your life by calling these resource numbers to get more information.

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