Too Many Stressors?
Don't Let the Chaos Ruin Your Life!

To Eliminate Stress & Stressors,
Use a 3-Pronged Approach

Is your list of stressors a mile long? As you may already know, stress is not really a thing, it is a bodily response. If you had to list all the physical, chemical, electro-magnetic and emotional causes of stress you face in your life that all trigger the bodily stress response, your list would probably feel like it is endless.

You might say, "I'm so stressed out!" And a friend might ask, "What's stressing you out?" So you begin to recite the list.  You talk about your marriage, your kids, your job, your renovations on your house, your money problems, your family problems, your health problems and your latest diet.  It would probably take less time to tell your friend a list of things that are not stressing you out. The list is long and each item is huge and there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

So what do you do?  You feel overwhelmed.  You feel powerless.  Things are getting worse not better and you are really starting to become scared of life. In fact, perhaps lately, you have been experiencing some anxiety attacks and they are increasing in frequency and intensity.

Maybe you have also noticed that you are feeling more depressed lately. Because, you are feeling depressed and tired, you make an appointment with your doctor. Maybe he or she can prescribe something to help you feel better.  In the back of your mind, you know that drugs for anxiety or depression won't help and will probably cause more damage than good in the long run, but what else can you do? You have to function and get along in this world the best you can.

At work, you feel like you are under so much pressure and you feel so stressed out. The pressures in your life have clearly taken control of your existence. If only you had a way to get some of those stressors off your list or at least make a few of them a little bit smaller. If only you had some idea of where to start.  A few more problem solving skills would certainly help but where do you get those from

The 3 R's of Effective Stress Management ~ Reduce, Respond & Repair ~

  • Reduce stress from ALL four main fields of stress.
  • Respond to stressors that can’t be avoided.
  • Repair past free radical damage from stress (oxidative stress).

It is critically important, from a health perspective to reduce the number, frequency and intensity of stressors in your life. You may be leading to extreme burnout. When this happens, you can get sick, very sick. Learning to cope with stress is not enough. You have to follow a 3-pronged approach. You must reduce, respond and repair. First, you reduce the strength of the stressful situations in your life. You MUST make better lifestyle choices. You MUST change your priorities.

Second, you must respond to and cope with the stressors you can’t eliminate. This means learning about and implementing some very effective stress management strategies such as the ones listed throughout this website.

Finally, you must repair or reverse the free radical damage you have already caused in your body. You must find ways to release repressed emotion, build up your immune system and provide enough super-antioxidants to your body to allow healing to take place.

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